The Day Spa and tranquil garden setting offer a sanctuary with the charm expected from an early 20th century home

About the Manor

Brentwood Manor is a charming place to stay or enjoy the Day Spa. It boasts a rich history with modern facilities that blend the 20th and 21st centuries seamlessly.


Brentwood Manor is a classic Chapman-Taylor style, built in 1930; the home was commissioned by Dr. & Mrs. Tweed, a local GP. In his report at the completion of the Manor, Chapman Taylor praised his client’s determination to remain true to his design, particularly for allowing extensive use of concrete as a construction material. The resulting sound structure stands firm well in to the 21st century.

The Manor features Chapman-Taylor’s trademark roughcast concrete exterior, hand cast concrete roof tiles, plaster interior walls, hand adzed cedar doors and his signature cast iron door handles and hinges.

James Walter Chapman-Taylor is one of New Zealand’s most acknowledged architects and craftsmen. Born in England in 1878, he spent most of his life in this country and his building style remains as one of the most recognised having designed 110 homes, of which 97 were built.

Taking all of this in whilst sitting in front of the large open fire feels like the world has momentarily stopped.


The facilities and surroundings at the Manor today offer you everything you could possibly need. Please talk to us about your accommodation or Day Spa needs and our team will gladly assist you in making the most of this very unique piece of New Zealand history.